OntoNotes DB Tool


The OntoNotes DB Tool is a python API for reading and manipulating the data in the OntoNotes corpus available from LDC. The following publication gives a brief overview:

  • OntoNotes: A Unified Relational Semantic Representation
    Sameer Pradhan, Eduard Hovy, Mitch Marcus, Martha Palmer, Lance Ramshaw, Ralph Weischedel,s
    invited paper, International Journal of Semantic Computing, Vol. 1, No. 4, pp. 405-419, 2007



  • OntoNotes DB Tool Reference Manual  [][HTML]
  • OntoNotes: The 90% Solution
    Presented at Human Language Technology Conference, Boulder, CO, 2009.


  • I would like to thank Ralph Weischedel, Lance Ramshaw, Martha Palmer, Mitch Marus, Ed Hovy and Nianwen Xue for their support and insights that lead to the development of this integreated semantic representation.
  • The work is been supported by the GALE program of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Contract No. HR0011-06-C-0022.
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